Learn how we became the source for sporting goods in Duluth, MN.

We don’t like to talk about ourselves, but we want to shed some light on why we are in business and how our local history has helped our community. Back in 1906, Dick Stewart Sr. took a chance and opened up a new store over on 3rd Avenue West, just above Superior Street. His predominant product was lock and keys, along with some miscellaneous hardware. As Dick Jr. helped his Dad, he developed his own sense of longing to become a proprietor. He began seeking out the occasional deal on small lots of sporting goods, and selling them in his Dad’s store. This love of making an honest buck and dealing with customers helped him build the first Stewart’s Wheel Goods in 1956, at the site of the present Marine General store. For the next eight years, Stewart’s became known as a great place to shop, and a great place to catch up on the latest local sports news or the latest trends in equipment.

His commitment to excellence along with an incredible passion for hockey helped Dick develop a reputation as a neighborhood friend. Stewart’s became the first one to be approached if a team needed sponsoring or a youngster needed help getting outfitted. Dick promised that he wouldn’t turn anyone away-if a young boy came in and wanted to play hockey but couldn’t afford equipment, Dick would find a way to get that boy outfitted. And as that boy grew older, got married, had kids of his own and carried on an athletic tradition, that second generation was often picking out their first bike or skates in the very same store. 

In 1964, Dick moved the store to 1502 East Superior Street, and in 2000, when Dick retired, the name was officially changed to Stewart’s Bikes and Sports. In Spring of 2008 Stewart’s opened a 2nd location at 102 S.29th Ave West, right next to the new sports complex named Heritage Sports Center. Stewart’s closed its Superior street location in the fall of 2011. Stewart’s is still locally owned by friends and neighbors, continuing the tradition started by Dick Sr. back in 1906. We value your support, and we sincerely appreciate your business. We consider you family, and we hope that you do the same.