Need a bike shop in Duluth, MN? We're the best.

Purchasing your kid’s first bike at Stewart’s has been a tradition for over 50 years.

Our original name was Stewart’s Wheel Goods, and many of our oldest customers still fondly refer to us by this name. This is a tradition we’re proud of.

We carry a variety of bikes for all skill levels—first timers with trainers, juniors, adult commuters, mountain bikes, tandems, retro styles—all for a price that’s as good or better than the national chain stores. When you shop at Stewart’s, our knowledgeable staff will ask you the questions that will provide you with a perfect fit. And at Stewart’s, the perfect fit isn’t what we have the most of sitting on the show floor—it’s the bike that will fit your skill level and needs—both financial and use.

Once you decide, our service doesn’t end there. You’ll get a service package that will give you free annual tune-ups, ensuring your bike will work when you need it—now and for years to come. In the event you need some work done, our full time bike mechanics are recognized as the best in our region. They’ll get you back on the saddle with the assurance that it was fixed right the first time. Stop in and see for yourself. You won’t find a better selection and more knowledgeable staff anywhere!

The Advantages of Duluth's Best Bike Shop:

The Advantages of Duluth's Best Bike Shop: